How To Stand Out Of The Crowd As A Brand

photo par Sonia Bourdon

My husband and I were driving from Las Vegas to San Diego, when the radio started to play some Elvis Presley. It was such an amazing coincidence to us to be in Vegas and to hear Mr. Viva Las Vegas himself while driving past bright neons. I thought to myself, this guy really created something new, he made a real shift in the music world. I mean, his music, his voice, the way he played guitar, his live performances, his style and even his hair was so unconventional for that time. Elvis Presley was not only a great musician, but also a cultural pioneer of his time. Even years after his death, Presley’s style and impact are still in the air. He innovated. He made history. His art lives on to this day. 
Elvis Presley was a brand specialist 
So now what's the point with branding and Elvis, right? Everything, I'd say! He found his own voice and style and he 100% assumed it. He stayed true to himself. And this, my friends, is the way to go! You don't have to be somebody else or have this particular look or this perfectly currated IG to be seen. Your work is valuable. Your perspective is unique. Your voice is powerful. You just have to connect the dots; aligns your aesthetic, your products, your tone, your message and your mission altogether. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that the visual is not important because it is. Altough, the element of differentiation that makes you sought after will support everything else. That thing that makes people want to work with YOU, because no one else can do what YOU do.
«Yes, but every business in my field do things a certain way, should I do that as well? »
No! Stop looking at what others do, and start to focus on the value that you can bring to the world. An authentic and sustainable brand is built from the inside out, not the other way. Substituing to a certain trend is not the way to go because the more you will fit in, the harder it will be for people to find you. And when you are a business, you certainly don't want to be hard to find.
If you are authentic, you'll have no competition 
Indeed, in replacing the ''standard'' element that makes you blend in your market by the ''human'' element that is exclusive, unique and original to you, you WILL stand out in your market. You'll have your core identity and mission deeply rooted, solid enough to get you through trends and competition.
How does it applies visually?
Every business should be conscious about their visual identity and images because they represent the touch point of your brand. First impressions and visual sense are important. To go back to my example above, Elvis certainly knew that his looks had tremendous power to build perception and emotional connection with his fans, so he dressed accordingly. 
Elvis used the stage, but in our social media era this means to stick to your voice, represent your business honestly and transparently. Be strategic in the content, imagery or visuals you produce. Be intentional about what you convey as a business; everything that you show, create, produce, publish must have a purpose; offer a valuable solution, enlightment, alternative. This will build trust and awareness to your brand. 
So start to think about your passion, your inspiration and how can it relate to your own story. Try to think about what are the things that keep your brand from being authentic. How can you reverse this to be more loyal to your intentions?