7 Key Questions To Discover Your Brand

photo par Sonia Bourdon


One of the many things I've noticed these past years while doing consultation for brands, is that entrepreneurs, owners and creators don't know where to start when it comes to building their business identity. They seem to focus a lot on the logo and colors, and then forget about the rest. This is a huge mistake because branding is so much more than a logo and a color palette.

Branding goes from your colors scheme, to the way you interact with your people and the way they'll look at you. 

Maybe you know there is something wrong with your visual identity, but you can't quite totally put your finger on it. Maybe you need clarity. Maybe it’s a complete puzzle for you. Or maybe you simply need some quick solutions to implement your plan.

Well, I've gathered here some questions to help you define a truthful and authentic picture of your business. This will help you build trust and awareness in your brand, and position yourself as a reliable trademark in your market. They will help your reflexion move forward.
1. What is the story of your brand, how was your business born, what inspired you to create the company? 
2. What is the purpose of your brand and what does your business have to offer? 
3. What is the vision for your brand in the future?
4. What are the core values of your brand (3-5 key words that are non-negociable for you as a brand)? 
5. If you imagine your brand as a person, what personality traits would he/she have? For example, does he/she have a good sense of humour, is he/she honnest, calm, sensible, bold etc.
6. How is your business going to have an impact on people and what is the promise you make your customers or future customers when they'll use your services, or buy your product?
7. What is the fundamental thing that you want to be known for?


These are just the begining of the process of course, but they will initiate within yourself a reflexion about your brand. They will bring you some key informations that you can build on. Do you see a pattern? Do you see something strong coming out of this? There will still be a lot to do in order to move in the right direction with that information, and that's why I always recommend to work with a branding specialist like a business coach, a brand strategist or a graphic designer. They'll help you find your brand identity, and stay true to it by giving you essentials ressources and guidelines.