I help businesses build a strong, evocative and unique brand; through a thoughtful creative process, I help them identify their voice, project their vision and make a genuine profitable statement in their market.

the process


Through creative exercises and reflection, we will define the personality of your business. We will discover what's the heart behind your company and distillate what makes it unique. Based on your answers and my market research, I will design a comprehensive visual strategy.


Next, I will visually articulate a coherent & refined concept for your brand. It includes a mood board, color palette, type kit, and ideas for your website & collaterals that speak to its ideal customers/clients. I'll test a vast range of options to see what fits you the best and then narrow it down to 2-3 options.


We’ll then work back-and-forth to refine the designs in two rounds ensuring that the identity we create together embodies something beautiful, true and coherent about your business. On average, it takes up to 8 weeks to realize a complete branding.