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approximately 7-8 weeks
• reflection & exploration process (worksheet, questionnaire, exercices)
• research
• visual strategy
• mood board
• logo (color, black, reversed)
• submark (alternate logo)
• 2 revisions round
• font kit
• color palette
• brand board
less. is. more

I believe in less is more as a design moto, but as well as a way of managing my life and business. Therefore, I accept no more than 12 clients per year so as to make sure I deliver the best services and quality to my clients who invest their time and money with me. An investment for branding begins at 1600 as an investment for branding + website design + SEO begins at 5500, and à la carte options begin at 250.

Note that in an effort to create a cohesive and strong brand, I don't do individual logos  because I create each brand individually, based on my clients' story and vision.