My path to art and graphic design has been unconventional, but looking back it makes perfect sense. At the time I was a child, art has always been a big part of my life; whether it was through drawing, music, theater or painting. Although if someone would have told me back then I would end up one day living from this passion, I would have never dared to believe it.


Art moves us 

About five years ago I was finishing my university studies with a degree in sports science & management (haha I know, how random), and I remember the morning following graduation I was still without a clue about what I really wanted to do! I then paved my way as a communication & marketing strategist in sports, but what really moved me in those jobs at the time was the visual content I could create. After a few years, I decided to quit my corporate career to pursue my long lasting creative dream.


Waving between my desire to have my own creative business and the fear of failure of not being rewarded with positive results, I decide to go back to design school. I loved it. But after graduation, I found out that graphic design was not enough for me to be completely fulfilled. Therefore, on my quest of authenticity and identity, I slowly picked up the scattered pieces of myself that I had forgotten about and revisited them one by one.


Art shapes us

While mixing colors I was about to paint with for my first work of art in a long time, I witnessed a glimpse of how feelings & art bond together in a powerful way. As I was letting my brush move on my canvas, I felt overwhelmed with this feeling of relief, freedom and confidence. 

Relief of the burden of pleasing society's standards 

Freedom to follow my voice

Confidence in what God was preparing for the future


Suddenly, what I had to do became clear as mountain water. I will create a business to help people achieve the same thing! By combining art & graphic design along with my communication & marketing work experience, I could create evocative aesthetics for businesses and couples that goes way beyond what meets the eye.

And that's where I'm at. Everybody should be able to speak their story truthfully and I just want to help them finding the right tools to do it and dance in their beautiful composition.


Art transform our way to see life

Montréal and Calgary (mostly Calgary now) are my home bases, but I've travelled so much during the past years and I draw most of my inspiration from landscapes, nature and architecture of every part of the world. To me, they have an untamed, powerful kind of energy - even the quiet, simplest scenes hum with life. 


My favorite days are those spent with my family and friends spending countless hours around the table, just eating, talking and laughing, travelling the world finding inspiration through the natural beauty of our planet, and enjoying surfing on a summer morning.