About us


Acétate La Boite Inc. is a design studio based in Calgary, Canada. We create heartfelt, impactful brands for entrepreneurs and businesses around the world.


With a background in art, design and marketing, lead designer Andrée-Anne combines her design and art studies as well as corporate and marketing experience, to create minimal, timeless work for her clients. At the intersection of intuition and logic there’s us and that’s why our approach to branding is holistic – it combines strategy development, along with aesthetic sensibility.


We believe in emotional branding - the art of understanding people’s feeling and perception. We excel in translating these feelings into effortless brands that stand out on their own. Although our design are simple in surface, they are abundant in meaning. They are carefully thought through, built from the root and executed with precision, ensuring the highest quality standard and a complete brand experience that transcends trends.


By focusing on a seamless process we’ve developed over the years,  we’ve created multiple visual identities for inspiring entrepreneurs across the globe and have been an active companion in our clients growth and journey along the way. We are thrilled to have you here and we would love to hear about you if you are interested into starting a journey of your own with us!