Do you offer individual logo creation?
In an effort to create a cohesive and strong brand, I don't do individual logos because I create each brand individually, based on my clients' story and vision. I studied marketing and graphic design and I know that the combination of both is when magic happens. I don't believe in investing in a logo can bring the same outcome as investing in a strategy rooted in one's story and vision

Do I have homework to do?
Yes. The design process involve a part of soul-searching and objective setting on your side; in order to redefine your brand we need to go back to the roots. The process includes a series of questions and exercices that you'll have to answer. This will be the center of your brand.

Will I have the chance to choose between the concepts and provide feedback?
Absolutely, based on your answers I'll start by conducting an in depth-research to situate your brand. Then I'll design a complete visual strategy for you to review. You will be presented 2-3 brand initial concepts with two rounds of revision to ensure that your brand is perfect before handing you all the final files.

Which files and resources will I receive when our project is complete?
You'll receive everything you need to serve you for years to come. Your brand toolkit includes all digital files in appropriate format: .eps, .pdf, .png, .jpg. You'll also receive resources to help you work with your new brand elements: brand guidelines, type hierarchy and color codes.

Do I need to book a spot in advance? 
I believe in quality over quantity. In order to make sure I deliver the best services and quality to my clients who invest their time and money with me, I accept no more a limited number of branding clients a year. If you are planning to brand or re-brand and you would like to work with me I suggest you write me an email so we can discuss timeline.

How much is a custom branding 
A professional brand design is an investment that help you elevate your business; it allows you to raise your prices and quickly earning back a return on your investment. My packages starts at 1600 for the basic branding and 5500 for website design.

Which website platform do you use?
my goal is to set you up for long-term success without having to hire a designer again. I use a responsive design drag-and-drop platform - Showit, that you can easily edit and customize in the future. For online shop, I also work with Shopify.

Will you show me how to use my new site?
Of course! Once your site is ready for launch, we schedule a tutorial to get you started with your website.

Do I need a ShowIt subscription to work together?
Yes, you will need to purchase a ShowIt subscription and a domain (it it's not done already) before we begin your website design.